About Korea Verband e.V.

Korea Verband sees itself as an open, politically independent organization. It aims to work as an information and cooperation platform in Germany for all who are interested in the history and culture of Korea, as well as the current developments on the Korean peninsula.

Korea Verband works on human and civil rights movements, seeking and promoting cooperation at national, European and international levels with other non-governmental organizations and initiatives, as well as experts on Korea within the fields of science, journalism, politics, trade unions, church, environmental and women‘s movements, and art and culture.

About the Working Group on “Comfort Women” (AG “Trostfrauen”) within the Korea Verband

The working group on ‚Comfort women‘ in Korea Verband was founded in November 2009, an initiative by Nataly Jung-Hwa Han. The working group provides information on the fate and experiences of women drafted for sexual slavery by the Japanese Military all around Asia Pacific. It carries out education and PR work, and conducts political campaigns with the aim of making the problem of ‚comfort women‘ known in Germany. The members of the working group are from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, USA and other countries.